Factors To Consider When Purchasing a Home as an Unmarried Couple

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While exciting, real estate purchases can present challenges for unmarried couples. And since buying a home is a significant financial investment, it’s best to prepare for those challenges before committing to the purchase. Factors To Consider When Purchasing a Home as an Unmarried Couple Have an Open Discussion About Finances Even if you’re a couple […]

Is It Possible to Buy a Condo with a VA Loan?


Did you know you could purchase a condo unit with a VA home loan? VA loans are a great home financing option since they don’t require a down payment and have lower interest rates than other mortgage products. So if you qualify for a VA home loan, purchasing a condo would be a fantastic choice. […]

Buying Mortgage Points: Is It Worth It?

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Buying mortgage points is a way to secure a lower interest rate during the home buying process. It can save you several thousands of dollars in interest over the life of the loan and lower your monthly mortgage payment. Check out this nifty guide to learn how they’re calculated so you can assess if purchasing […]

Things to Consider When Deciding to Rent or Buy Your First Home

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Are you considering whether you should purchase your first home or rent? There are several things to think about when deciding if you want to buy or rent. We’ve listed down things you should know so that you can settle the rent or buy debate in your situation. Put Your Future Goals and Financial State […]

Getting Ready To Buy A Retirement Home: Things To Consider

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Do you have plans to purchase a retirement house? It doesn’t matter if you’ve already retired or still have a long way to go before retiring. The perfect time to plan for your future home is now. This article will break down essential details that you’ll need to consider before buying your retirement home. Should […]

Better Alternatives To Withdrawing From Your Retirement

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When facing an urgent and substantial financial need, borrowing against their 401(k) often comes to mind. While account holders can withdraw $50,000 or 50% (whichever is less) from their 401(k) plans without paying penalties, there are major drawbacks that should make you think twice about getting a 401(k) loan. One con is that if you […]

Your Guide To Buying A Home When You Have Bad Credit

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If you think that buying a house with bad credit is impossible, we have good news! It may be more complex, but it can be done! But before you go house hunting, it’s essential that you review your financial situation. Homeownership involves unexpected expenses that may be hard to cover if you’re financially unstable. Let’s […]

Your Guide To Paying Down Credit Card Debt With A Home Equity Loan

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Having multiple credit cards can be helpful, especially when making large purchases. The problem starts when you have large outstanding balances, and you’re having trouble paying them off quickly to avoid enormous interest charges. You may have heard about using a home equity loan to pay off your credit card balance. This article will look […]

How Can I Get Approved for a Mortgage as a Contract Employee?

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Contract employees who want to get a home loan can sometimes find it challenging. Traditional mortgages often lean towards an income that can be verified easily with W-2s. Income taxes for contract employees can sometimes get complicated and can further compound the problem. Fortunately, there are alternatives available to help self-employed or contract workers in […]